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Track: Stay Alive
Artist: José González
Album: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture)


we’ll do whatever just to stay alive.



u ever hear a drum beat that changes ur life





The joke that Bender tells but never finishes (while crawling through the ceiling) actually has no punchline. According to Judd Nelson, he ad-libbed the line. Originally, he was supposed to tell a joke that would end when he came back into the library and said, “Forgot my pencil”, but no one could come up with a joke for that punchline.

Did they just make up this entire movie on the spot.

Pretty much I mean John Hughes wrote the thing in like 2 days



      HeroesRPG could use its Noah!

❝ I’m not done protecting you

     from the world 

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ARCHIST  |  Federico Babina

"The collection of 27 images, entitled Archist, playfully interprets the styles and themes of some of the world’s greatest artists including Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro, and imagines them as architectural forms." - Dezeen


“It’s crazy not only that they both exist right now as such perfect human specimens, but I don’t know how they do it. They’re incredible, all of it in one package. And then the fact that they work so well together, it’s really romantic in the best way.” - Kathryn Hahn


I only take the best


Ring Nebula, aka M57, composited from various Hubble images.


What’s your favourite running gag on the show?

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